1. We have an experienced team, with over 12 years’ hands-on experience in retail, fashion design, marketing, PR, and finance, and a proven track record.
  2. We have a database of over 10,000 fashion industry and PR contacts, including celebrities, stylists, photographers, and other specialists to assist us with providing the best solutions to our clients and to help them reach their goals most efficiently.
  3. We believe in profitability and solid business fundamentals and will work with our clients to achieve this.
  4. We are forward-thinking, but do not lose track of our goals.
  5. We value relationships and believe in timely, effective, and inspiring communication to achieve consistent results.
  6. We seek excellence in whatever we do, are open to change, and are constantly learning.


Our team brings experience in all aspects of the fashion industry including brand development, public relations, marketing, and product design and development.  We combine our passion for excellence with the most effective communication strategies and follow-through, to deliver results for our clients.


Identify and promote strong, innovative, fashion brands to build successful, mutually beneficial global relationships between retailers and designers, and create new opportunities for growth.